About us...

What's growing. . .  8/29/2016 - Raspberries! We are trying 2 new varieties called Prelude and Heritage.  Prelude produces spring/summer and Heritage is a fall berry.  Since these can be grown in our zone, we are trying them to see if they produce well and the plants do well in our zone.

We will be pruning for the next month.

About us . . .

Events . . .

If you need a farm for your event, we're right here.

        Private events . . ..

        Public events . . .

Oct 1 Murder Mystery Dinner - Postponed til Spring due to other priorities

What we're doing this season 

Volunteer program -  we are looking or volunteers to help through the winter into spring. Some research, some on farm work, some event planning.

Email Auntsue@auntsuesbarn.com if interested!

​Our greenhouse arrives in November! Watch for updates..

Welcome  to our farm.


Listen to the birds and enjoy the naturally relaxing environment of our small family farm only 14 miles from Denton.

If the raspberries produce we wlll offer them through Facebook, online sales and Dry Valley Dairy.