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What's growing. . .  10.12.2016 -

The Greenhouse is up! Will be finished next week.

Raspberries are continuing grow and we're trellising and fertilizing; not enough consistency to market, but we're monitoring. 

Events . . .

If you need a farm for your event, we're right here.

        Private events . . ..

        Public events . . .

Do you need intern hours?

We are looking for a spring intern to help on the farm, help with research, learn what we know and help with some upcoming events. Call us if you're interested! 214-546-7416

What we're doing this season 

September/October - Propogating Lavendar & Rosemary for spring sales and plantings, Seeding Basil, Kale, tomatoes

October 1 - Learning to plant row crops at Sandy River Bottom Farms in Oklahoma

October 8 - Crimson  and Arrowleaf clover are bring planted for a cover crop between the berries and the back 6 acres. 

October 12 - The greenhouse ARRIVES!

October 15 - Fall work begins

October 22 - UNT & TWU service days (If we're blessed!)

Volunteer program -  we are looking or volunteers to help through the winter into spring. Some research, some on farm work, some event planning.

Email Auntsue@auntsuesbarn.com if interested!

About us . . .

Welcome  to our farm.


Listen to the birds and enjoy the naturally relaxing environment of our small family farm only 14 miles from Denton.

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