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What's growing. . .  6/5/16

We're currently picking blackberries . We had our first on farm picking today and it was  wonderful!  Berries are sweet and juicy and more sunshine this week  will just make them sweeter.

We will deliver from Denton - south Denton County - Dallas (Marsh/635-ish area) to Hurst in the afternoon/early evening with a 25.00 min purchase combination of berries/cobblers/artisan bread. (limited quantities)
Orders can be placed on he Place Orders tab.

Events . . .

If you need a farm for your event, we're right here.

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Denton Farmers Market - April 2016

About us . . .

Aunt Sue's Barn

Aunt Sue's Barn

What we're doing this season 

      Denton Community Market

      Berry Picking at the barn

      Volunteer days . . (4/2/16)

      Workshops . . (2/13/16- DONE! )

      Planting  . . (2/13/16 - DONE!)

Welcome  to our farm.


Listen to the birds and enjoy the naturally relaxing environment of our small family farm only 14 miles from Denton.

Picking - Tuesday 6/21/16 - 5PM-8PM